PING: ModNation Racers Bringing Teh Phunny

Let’s just say it rhymes with Man Farizmo Jive!

This just came up on my radar for later this month. Three racing games released in two weeks. That’s just a little too intense.

My only fear is that we are seeing a lot of info around the game, not about it.

To much hair gel says what?

Funny Game Glitches

… or fun with Rag Doll Physics.

The Funniest Video Games Bugs & GlitchesThe funniest movie is here. Find it

I especially liked the soccer ones.

(via ExtraLife)

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog

Please go see the new “teh phunny” from Joss Whedon. It’s brilliant.

UPDATE: It’s proving to be very popular on the intrawebs. The tubes are full. You can snag the entire series for only $4 on iTunes. I’m not shilling, but based on the 1st act alone—it’s worth it. I got lucky and viewed it online earlier today.

Iron Mike at his best

From the underrated sports site, Joe Sports Fan, I present for you entertainment: Iron Mike’s Real Legacy, a look at Mike Tyson’s finest hour: Super Punch-Out for the SNES. It’s hilarious. Read the whole thing. Talking about King Hippo:

Hippo was a cross between Sloth Fratelli and George “the Animal” Steele, a massive, somewhat retarded beast that lacked the skills to stick with the polished Mac.

Anyone who can include references to the Goonies and classic WWF wrestlers in the same sentence is okay in my book.

Dan Fouts

If you’ve watched college football on ABC, you’ve had to survive Dan Fouts and his cliche machine. Musberger is no better, switching allegiances faster than Benedict Arnold, but Fouts is the worse (if you exclude Kieth Jackson’s senility). Read “A Moment with Dan Fouts” from the Phat Phree. Hilarious stuff.