In My Digital Hands

I recently applied to and was accepted into the GeForce Now Beta. GeForce Now is a streaming service that lets you tap into virtual high powered gaming “rigs” and play games over an internet connection. The bandwidth requirements are steep (25 Mbps capability) but this would let someone use a cheap-o PC and play current games at ultra-high settings.

I will post some more updates as I give the service a try.

Weekend Gaming

NieR is a weird game. That’s not a very hot take, I’m just being honest. I went into NieR:Automata knowing next to nothing about the NieR universe (other than I read you could fish in a previous iteration of the series and that the fishing was surprisingly fun). I’ve logged almost four hours in the game so far and, still being honest here, I have no idea what’s going on. I’m 2B, my friend(?)/partner(??) is 9S and I’m pretty sure we’re androids. There are these little floating drones that follow us around and shoot at things and occasionally serve as an assist when I make an ill-advised jump from somewhere high. I think the earth was overrun by machines at some point and almost all the humans live on the moon now (I think? I haven’t talked to many humans yet.)

I’ve been down to earth a couple times, fought a crane robot bad guy that would make the Constructicons proud and then a little while later this happened:

Japan, amiright?

Anyway, now I am working my way through an amusement park, populated by machines in clownsuits and robots that shoot balloons from their hands. I couldn’t be more confused and I think I really like it. If you want to read about reviews of other products visit top9rated.

So it’s a NieR weekend for me. I might squeeze in a Duelyst match or two and possibly some Dota, but I think NieR gets the lion’s share of my time.

What are you playing?

Weekend Gaming, circa 2008

Did you hear that the video game weblog,, is now on Twitter? So, in honor of finally getting involved in some Serious Social Media (follow us, why don’t ya!), this weekend’s gaming is a throwback.

While the Twitter account represents the site as a whole, our Managing Editor Nick has been running the Twitter account to great effect. Earlier this week, he tweeted about a minor issue I had with my PC — the power supply went kaput:

So I made the pilgrimage to Nerd Mecca, Micro Center. I picked up a new power supply (an EVGA 650 GQ) and started tinkering under the hood. Prior to the power supply failure, I had been dealing with issues with a hard drive I installed when I first built the PC. Might as well try to solve that problem while working on the power supply.

I think some cabling was loose, so after the power supply was installed and I got everything buttoned up, I booted the machine up and lo and behold the issues with the hard drive were gone. My precious gigs, which I thought were lost to the ages, were suddenly there. (They were empty gigs, but I have plans for them!). To test out the hard drive and make sure everything was copacetic, I picked a title out of my steam library that I knew wouldn’t need the speed and horsepower of the SSD that I could install to the old-school hard drive. I settled on reinstalling Recettear: An Item Shop Tale


I won’t bore you with the details of Recettear, only to say it’s a mashup of a simple hack-and-slash RPG and a Shopkeeper simulator. It’s very Japanese Cutesy and that’s all I’m going to say about that. I’m addicted and I’m not ashamed to say so. I think a good portion of this weekend’s gaming will be going towards making my Item Shop the Best Item Shop.

With all systems GO!, I decided to reinstall Spelunky on the newly fixed hard drive as well, inspired by one of Nick’s recent streams. I don’t quite rage like Nick can, but Spelunky is still a never ending stream of rage-inducing moments.

So welcome to 2008 this weekend! I’ll be your host, introducing you to such wonders as Indie Darlings Spelunky and Recettear, and give you an introduction to this new fangled social media site, Twitter dot com. Why won’t you join us on this trip down recent memory lane!

What will you be playing this weekend (2008 or not)?

In My Hand (Literally)


Decided it was time to up my mouse game for the Gaming PC Workhorse (even though it’s been in service for over a year). For the longest time, I’ve been running a vanilla Logitech M510. While a perfectly serviceable mouse, it is wireless and I never could find an optimal place to plug in the little USB wireless nub. It might be totally psychosomatic, but I blamed any hiccup I noticed on the placement of the dongle. It’s been nagging me even more acutely lately when the mouse seems to lag slightly or outright not react to my movements. When you’re as bad as I am at games, every mis-click and mis-movement is amplified by my initial lack of skill.

So after some research at my favorite Recommendation Engine (The Wirecutter) and some PC Gaming reading, I decided on the Razer Deathadder. It’s not the “Chroma” version the Wirecutter recommends, but it’s just a minor stepdown from it. I had also considered the Cooler Master Mizar but my local PC Mecca (Microcenter) was out of stock, so Razer it is!

So far, so good. This mouse is definitely a +1 to movement smoothness and a 25% increase in point-and-click efficiency.

Buttonmashing Deal of the Day

For those of you who are PC Gamers: