Eating My Own Butt

About 2 weeks ago, a little experiment was unleashed upon the PSN by the creator of Katamari Damacy called Noby Noby Boy.

There’s not a lot to the game, but it is oddly compelling in its own special way. You are BOY, you stretch by moving both ends of your body in opposite directions and eating things which let you stretch further. That’s about it. There is also a meta game where you report your length to GIRL, who aggregates all of the lengths of all of the BOYs playing Noby Noby Boy on the PSN and that length tallies up as she stretches from Earth to the Moon and beyond.

Which is all well and good, but what I’m here to show you is the best part of the game. If BOY is stretched too far too fast or gets run over by one of the strange, strange denizens of whatever random level he’s spawned upon, he can snap in half. How does BOY go back to his own stretchy self?

He eats his own butt.


Did I mention that NNB lets you record your games and upload them directly to Youtube! It also has the best homepage URL in the history of the internet (after BM, of course…)

If you’ve got $5, a PS3 and a connection to the internet, I implore you to show that creativity can thrive and grab a copy of the game!