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Resident Evil 4As you may or may not know, RE 4 is set in an old, run-down, decaying European town. As luck would have it, it turns out to be an old, run-down, decaying Spanish town. Luckily for me, and all you loyal ButtonMashers, I spent two years in Spain and I am endeavoring to translate some of the sayings you’ll hear the possessed villagers yell as they try to kill Leon. My hats of to the guys who wrote the Spanish lines, most of them are well done, including the naughty i words. I am trying to keep this a PG-rated blog, so you’ll have to use your imagination for some of the definitions here. This list will grow as I progress further in the game from the luxury of my comfy seat and remember more of what is said. (Update: I have since beaten Resident Evil 4 but decided to keep this list updated, based on the daily hits I get looking for these translations

Update 2: Ever since the release of Resident Evil 4 on the Playstation 2 I’ve noticed an uptick in google requests for “Resident Evil 4 Translations”. I’ve been keeping the list updated as much as possible, so feel free to add anything I’ve missed, whether you know how to translate it or not.)

So, as a public service, I present you the “Unofficial” Resident Evil 4 Spanish Phrases translation guide, complete with your additions:

  • Cabrón – Literally translated, this means “mountain goat”. Slang, it means “mothertrucker”.
  • ¡Jefe! – Boss!
  • ¡Voy a romperte (unintelligible) pedazos! – I’m gonna break you into pieces!
  • Mierda – Shnizzle
  • ¡Allí está! – There he is!
  • ¡Es el forastero! – It’s the foreigner!
  • ¡Te voy a matar! – I’m going to kill you!
  • ¡Te voy a hacer picadillo! – I’m gonna make mincemeat outta you!
  • ¡Detrás de tí, imbécil! – Behind you, imbecile!
  • ¡Cogedlo! – Grab him!
  • ¡Agérrelo! – Grab him!
  • Mueren, Mueren, Meuren – Die, die, die
  • ¡Mátalo! – Kill him!
  • ¡Mátenlo! – Kill him! (another form)
  • Morir es vivir. – To die is to live.
  • ¿Qué carajo estás haciendo aquí? ¡Lárgate cabrón! – What the funk are you doing here? Get the funk outta here, cabrón
  • ¡No deje que se escape! – Don’t let him escape!
  • ¡A por él! – After him!
  • ¡Te jodiste! – You’re screwed!
  • ¿No estás soñando? – Are you sure you’re not dreaming?
  • Es hora de rezar – Now is the time to pray
  • ¡Tenemos que irnos! – We need to get outta here!
  • ¡Puedes correr, pero no puedes esconederte! – You can run but you cant hide!
  • ¡Imbécil, quiero matar! – Imbecile, I want to kill you


  • Los Illuminados – “The Illuminated Ones
  • Los Ganados – While this does directly translate as “livestock” or cattle, it can also be used to refer to a group of people, like a mob.
  • Las Plagas – The Plagues
  • La campana – the bell
  • Cerebros – braaaaains

Resident Evil 4 PS2Updated (11/12/2005) – Thanks to Dudeman, RE4Fan, Marcos, SpikeRevell, Darkzeta, and Angelo for the latest request and additions. I know that with the recent release of RE4 on the PS2 that we’ve had a new influx of people searching for translations. Hopefully all these will make the enjoyment of this most excellent game. Let me know if there’s more! Keep ’em coming!

Updated (8/29/2005) – Thanks to Marionette, Mark, Kasage, David for reminding me of some of the phrases I’ve missed. Keep ’em coming!




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  1. RE4 has been T-H-E B-E-S-T game of all time, including a very rich and long gameplay, incredible atmosphere, graphics, cut scenes (Krauser etc…) and amazing dialogues!!

    I mean, that “ALLI ESTA, MAATAALLOOO!” was enough to make me hit “pause” and think where to run!!

  2. Aqui esta! Larga daqui Cabrn.

  3. ResidentEvilFan6268 says

    How about the term Novistadors? “Novistadors” means, the unseen.
    Nice guide you’ve got going on by the way. There were a lot of things I was wonderin what they were saying, and this answered almost all of them, nice job. 5*

  4. Richard M. Hoover says

    I wonder if the more accurate translation of “Los Illuminados” wouldn’t be: “The ENLIGHTENED Ones”. “Illuminate” AND “enlighten”, being meant by Spanish “alumbrar”, and “illuminate” being meant by both Spanish “illuminar”, AND “alumbrar”. Loved the translation of the Ganado in the cabin. Always wondered what that meant….

  5. I will leave the ones I know you got right alone. These are corrections or correcciones.

    This is primarily Mexican Spanish.
    (Differences in dialects may naturally occur.)

    Ahi Esta!: There he is.

    Te voy a matar! or Me voy a matar!:
    I’m going to kill you!

    Detrás de ti, imbécil! or Detrás te, imbécil!:
    Behind you imbecile!
    (The second sounds like the game to me)

    Agárrenlo!: Grab him!

    Matalo!: Kill him!
    Matenlo!: Kill him! or even Matelo!

    My Personal Favorite! or Mi Favorita Personal!
    Que carajo estas haciendo aqui?
    Lo argate cabron!
    What the funk are you doing here?
    Get the funk outta here, bastard!
    (Bastard is another derogatory option here.)

    It’s all good stuff. Why? Because if you go to a latin based function and someone says these things to you at least you will know that you are NOT among friends no matter how many times you hear the word “Amigo”.

    This was fun.

  6. in the scene where the church bell rings and the Ganados gathered to enter through the door leaving Leon alone they say:

    La campana
    Tenemos que irnos
    Es hora de rezar

    The Bell
    We gotta go
    It’s time to say our prayers

    And according to Salazar’s words “Livestock” is the accurate translation of the Ganados.

  7. you forgot Matador!

    it means executor

  8. i kill u!!!!!!!

  9. Does anyone know what they are saying when you are looking at them through the binoculars at the begining before they see you?

    • It’s been a long time since I’ve played the game. If you could find a YouTube clip, I will take a look and see if I can make out what they’re saying.

    • hello i know what they say one of them say, HEY I GOT! what means hey i got as hey what farmers have and someone ses, thumdome! what means that hes tired of working so hard! bye and thank you!!!! i love resident evil 4!

    • The woman says:
      cabrón = mothertrucker
      The guy shouts:
      ¡Eh acá! = Hey! over here!
      The other guy says:
      ¡Mierda! = sh*t!

      Maybe you already figured out by now but I wanted to answer 😛

    • one of the things they say is shizzle.but not SHIZZLE,they say s-h-i-t…

  10. When they say “Los illuminados” they’re referring to The Illuminati. The Illuminati are a secret society( pretty much a cult) that worships and sells their souls to the devil in order to become famous, rich or successful and believe they can create a “New World Order” otherwise known as the NWO by brainwashing people into obeying their orders using subliminal messages and getting people to join their cult. CAPCOM is totally against The Illuminati and that’s why in the game you have to take down the organization/cult called “Los Illuminados”. You should research these conspiracies, they’re very interesting.

    Oh and if you ever hear about “Freemasons” Its just another word for Members of the Illuminati. Most of the famous celebrities are Freemasons such as Jay-Z, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Allot of famous politicians are Freemasons as well such as barrack Obama and Dick Cheney. One of their symbols(which you’ll notice are pretty much everywhere even the American one dollar bill) is a Pyramid with an eye on it and also the eye(which is called the all seeing eye) is another one of their symbols. BTW I’m totally against them as well.

    • Valsprok says

      This is a different Illuminati. I know they exist, and am against them, but these are people/creatures that want to infect the world with this virus. The real Illuminati are satanists trying to lure the world into a life of sin by way of pop-culture. Also, they believe in numerology, and every 11 years they do something big to cause damage or something. 9/11 was the last one, so this year, 2012, be expecting some disaster.

      • The Illuminati are not Satanists and even real Satanists are not evil. To illuminate is to enlighten. Most of what you hear about the Illuminate is a hoax. They are actually a group dedicated to intellectual advancements, and they do not support NWO at all. The Illuminate has never performed any type of damage to society nor are they a cult. In fact they aren’t even religiously based. Also, 9/11 was actually caused by the US army. They had a missile misfire, blamed it on terrorists, and blew up the planes as a cover up for their mistake. It’s documented by cold hard facts. And FYI Freemasons are Christian and teach straight from the bible.

        • Its true I read all about btw the all seeing eye is actually no resemvalance to the illuminati its actually called the all seeing eye of god the real symbol is called the owls medallion look it up

        • Christopher Wood says

          Many Freemasons are Christian but we do not have to be. I am not.

  11. I’ll like to clarify some of the phrases. I’m mexican and I know many of the differences in words and expressions between spanish speaking countries. I found that RE4 has very good pronunciations, usually from Mexico. But there are some exceptions of course. (Learning languages is my hobbie, and I currently speak 3 latin-based languages). This is a fantastic blog and I’m glad I found it. I’ll just add some corrections and I’ll be back when I finish the game to see if I find more phrases to clarify.

    * Cabrón – This can be good or bad depending on the context. “Ser cabrón” can also being something that you are excelent at, be fearless, or even careless. Again…depending on the context. In this game the context I agree that it could be “motheF… :
    * ¡Jefe! – Boss!
    * ¡Voy a romperte (a) pedazos! – I’m gonna break you into pieces! This one is bad grammar unfortunately. Sometimes I think that in movies or games, they use a shitty online (or google) translators instead of hiring someone who knows the background, language, and culture. Voy a romperte a pedazos sounds like it was directly translated from English. Seems to me that the sintaxt is wrong. The correct or mostly used phrase is “Te voy a hacer pedazos.”
    * ¡Cogedlo! – Grab him! (Spanish from Spain, it can have double meaning, depending on the context. If you ever go to Latin-America countries such as Mexico, do not use , instead of “coger” = to f….k, instead use, “tómalo”.
    * ¡Agárrenlo! – Grab him!
    * Mueren, Mueren, Mueren – (still looking for this one in the game)Die, die, die
    * ¡Mátalo! – Kill him! (Imperative form, 2nd person= you kill him
    * ¡Mátenlo! – you people Kill him! (another form). Plural Imperative Uds
    * ¡No dejen que se escape! – Don’t let him escape!
    * ¡A por él! – After him! (haven’t heard this one yet) This one is bad translation for “after him” sintax is wrong again. Correct one should be , Vayan por él = Go after him, or simply, “A él!”
    * ¡Te jodiste! – You’re screwed! (or f…d)

    * ¿No estás soñando? –exactly it is “aren’t you dreaming?
    * Es hora de rezar – Exactly it is”Is the time to pray”
    * ¡Tenemos que irnos! – We need to get outta here! …or…we have to go/leave!
    * ¡Puedes correr, pero no puedes esconederte! – You can run but you cant hide!
    * ¡Imbécil, quiero matar! – Imbecile, I want to kill you… haven’t heard this one yet… but if the game says it, it’s also bad grammar. It’s saying ” Imbecile, I want to kill” , but it is not saying whom.

  12. Billy bob says

    OK i really wanted to know this. also there are some really funny things on youtube that makes resident evil 4 sound not scary at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Billy bob says

    But the really scary thing is how it makes it not scary at all! besides i think you forgot some i will go and check.
    also I looked it up and un forastero means A stranger the other ones seem pretty correct to me

  14. @ Moey: Stupidity and ignorance run rampant.

    Only males can join the FRATERNITY of Freemasons. Beyonce and Gaga must be dudes, huh?

    The Masonic Order is in no way tied to the Illuminati (who may not even exist) however that does not mean that some of its members are also member of the other group.

    @Tony: The whole reason I found this page is I wanted to know what “Punta la cerro” meant and you totally missed that one. “Hilltop” btw.

  15. ■Cabrón – It this case it means motherf*cker
    ■¡Voy a romperte (missing “en”) pedazos! – I’m gonna turn you into pieces
    ■Mierda – Sh*t
    ■¡Allí está!/Allí están(in some parts of the game Los Iluminados say this plural form – There he is!/ There they are!
    ■Un forastero! – A foreigner!
    ■¡Te voy a matar! – I’m going to kill you!
    ■¡Te voy a hacer picadillo! – I’m gonna make mincemeat outta you!
    ■¡Detrás de ti, imbécil! – Behind you, imbecile!
    ■¡Cogedlo! – Grab him!
    ■¡Agárrenlo! – Grab him!
    ■Muere, Muere, Muere – Die, die, die
    ■¡Mátalo! – Kill him!
    ■¡Mátenlo! – you guys kill him! (plural form)
    ■¿Qué carajo estás haciendo aquí? ¡Lárgate cabrón! – What the heck are you doing here? Get outta here, motherf*cker!
    ■¡No dejen que se escape! – Don’t let him escape!
    ■¡A por él! – Go get him!
    ■¡Te cogí! – I got you! (It could have different meanings in spanish but in this context looks like the most accurate despite all other possible meanings)
    ■Es hora de rezar – it’s time to pray
    ■¡Tenemos que irnos! – We gotta go!
    ■¡Puedes correr, pero no te puedes esconder! (This sentence is originally wrong in the game. I’ve heard it several times and it actually says: ¡Puedes correr, pero no te puedes escondir!)– You can run but you can’t hide!

    Also while you’re watching the Ganados they eventually say -¡Eh, acá!- this sentence can be translated as -Hey! over here!- as they’re calling their partners while doing their activities.

    Finally I must say it could be difficult to determine the specific language location due to the lack of accent but the game gave us enough information to say it’s a Spaniard talk. It might sound like mexican talk but no doubt it isn’t.

    I’m a mexican guy by the way, and I keep lol while reading “the Las Plagas” in the files. “the The Plagues” made my days xD

    • Respectfully, I disagree, Antonio.
      I’m Spanish, and I can tell you this is not actually an spanish accent. Just the Capcom sound system managers who thought it was cheaper (or easier) make and record voices with south american accents.
      Trust me, even some words does’t use here or are grammatically incorrect.


  16. THANK YOU all!! Arent some of them mumbling”Muerte, muerte, muerte…”

    RE4 is one of the all time greatest games ever. I have RE4 for PC but never played it cause I didnt have a joystick. I got it for PS2 a year ago and LOVE playing it and I just downloaded it for PS3. Wow are graphics sick on ps3…except the leaves in the begining get a graph/checkerboard look to them as you walk.

  17. So in the castle levels, they walk around chanting “¡Cogedlo! ¡Cogedlo! ¡Cogedlo! Morir es vivir. Morir es vivir,” right?

    • i ltterally call that castle section of the game the (mo dee des ee dee’s) which is what they sound like they are saying when your american, and thats how i pronounce it.. and not mo as in moe.. but like mom with no last m.. ive beat it soo many times that there isnt a crack i havent discovered.. actually just did a speed run and beat it in 3.5 hours.. which isnt bad seein how some freaks are doin it in 1..ive been playin it since christmas of the year it came out.. 05 i think, its been soo long. but ya i got my own nicknames and shit for all the characters

  18. resident evil 4

  19. u guys forgot pueblo which means town

  20. if you dont know were i got pueblo from its on the sign at the very beggining of the game if you walk up to the sign next to the fence in front of the first house

  21. and also the giant ogre troll thing is called elgigante and doctor salvador which is the chainsaw dude

  22. and what is the other name for the regenerators and the right hand of salazar

  23. so what is every ody doing anyway playng resident evil 4

  24. so what are they reapeating when they walk aroung on the castle levels?? and what about the merchant he kinda sounds like he has an american accent not a spanish accent

    • ViperBreeze says

      Are you serious? American? The Merchant does not sound at all like an American. He’s either South African or Australian.

  25. good,, i’ve read all the comments, but i havent found the one that kinda sounded like “ayan na” when the ganados pointing at you.. I hear this most of the during the game,, i think you guys forgot about this??.. I’m not sure about the “ayan na” it’s only sounded like it. By the way, “ayan na” is a filipino word, which means “there it is” or “there he is”. In philippine history, the spanish invaded the philippines year 1521 – 1898. and the filipino adopted most of their culture, and language is one of them. Although there is a slight differences in spelling.,, You can read the details in wikipedia..

  26. when your in the castle and some of the zombies are waiting around a corner they say waiting oer and over or something like that does it just mean that there waiting for yew or something else?

  27. The castle scene sounds to me like, “Wipe your butt, wipe your butt. Moldy, dusty rear, moldy dusty rear.”

  28. and the big disaster was?????

  29. Antonio
    “A por él”
    you’ve never heard it because It actually is a spanish from spain phrase. Spanish people use it everyday and yeah it means “Go after him”

  30. The one I’m looking for is missing.
    In Pueblo after Leon barricades the door in the cutscene what are the villagers saying?

  31. Vasantha Kumar says

    What it’s meaning?
    “Hasta la Vista”

  32. Frankie Smales says

    i find the irony so devine when leon confronts ada by telling her some sound of
    advice by saying use a knife in close quarters the next time when it should be ada giving the advice
    after she proclaims in the opening to the separate ways campaign .

    here is her quote.

    hiding in the shadows isn’t my style ! i have to reveal myself
    to him and offer advice once in awhile .


    all she ever does is quickly shows up in certain cenarios and says very little
    and pulls an vanishing act but where is her advice it wasn’t present everytime
    she was with leon only persons got advice was Luis Serra and jack krauser
    alls leon got was hows your father diatribes thats it .

  33. I was finding this for so long…thank you bro.


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