Leon S. Kennedy, Trash-Kicker.

Leon and Ashley, RE4

Resident Evil 4
Many buttons have been mashed and this guy whom we’ll call Leon (for no other reason than he answers to said name) has kicked some serious trash, but now the Presidents daughter is safely home with her family. Yes, that’s right, the great Button Masher himself has completed Resident Evil 4.

After dying an unimaginable eighty times, killing nine hundred nine zombified Spaniards and other forms of unimaginable grotesqueness, connecting sixty-seven percent of the time the trigger was pulled and taking a little less than nineteen hours I have finished one of the best games of all time.

I won’t mention anything that could be spoiler material, but I will say that from start to finish, this has been one of the most enjoyable and intense games I’ve ever played. It was difficult and challenging, but never became frustrating. I try not to put too much stock into audio and visuals but here they are undeniable. Absolutely stunning visuals and spot-on sound. I pay attention to the little details and RE 4 is polished. We’re talking U.S. Army Boots spit-shine polished.

Resident Evil 4 PS2Is it a perfect ten? No, I’m not sure a game will ever achieve that lofty status. There are a few minor issues I have with the game overall but with controls in particular. A strafe option and a quick weapon switch would have been very welcome. Also, being able to turn quicker would be a nice addition. But these are minor blemishes on this masterpiece. Please don’t construe this as complaining. It would be like complaining you don’t have Italian Leather pedals for your Ferrari. The game is still top-shelf.

I’m mulling where this game ranks in “The List”. I will say, unequivocally, that this is a top ten game, all time. Game of the year contender.

Hyperbole aside, Resident Evil 4 is a great game.


  1. This game kicks-@$$, I agree with the quick switching of weapons and turning around, other than that as -you’ve- said is nothing to complain about. The storyline is awesome, I thought so many times to stop playing it after playing it for 4hrs straight, but because the storyline was good I kept on playing it. Is about time Capcom and RE series gives Leon what he deserves, a story and game of his own. Zombies, in the game…ah, what zombies? Those are just savages at first I got a bit thrown off when I saw the first chainsaw guy after me. I had fun with the game, this deserves to be a TRUE Resident Evil game. I hope those who own it, have as much fun as I did and for those who are thinking it twice to get it and play it, you won’t be disappointed by this RE game.

  2. wawwww this game werry good! werry! ovvv LEON S. KENNEDY weery HANDSUM!! & ASLY

  3. i like that there wasn’t a quick-change weapon option. that would make it lame to me. but honestly, that shouldn’t even be possibility, because that’s a personal preference issue, i think.

    also, turn more quickly might make the game more ‘easier’. challenge, please! 😉
    but i agree that over all, great game. its very fun.


  1. […] Even though I have a stack of unplayed games (hereafter to be referred to as “The Queue”), I am currently engrossed in Resident Evil 4. Even though I finished the game over a year ago, I’ve been playing the Mercenaries mini game, off and on, for the past couple months. Just recently I decided to endeavor to get 5-star scores on all four boards with the five characters. I unlocked the last character (Albert Wesker) and then spent some time racking up the scores needed on each board. Upon doing so, I unlocked the “Handcannon” which would be available to me next time I played. So I started the regular game over again, this time with the “Pro” difficulty. I figured I’d get to the first encounter with the merchant, buy the Handcannon, go blast some baddies with it and be done with the game. Things didn’t go as planned. I got to the merchant and the handcannon wasn’t available. But I had been enjoying myself so much that I decided to finish the game on Pro difficulty. I just rescued the President’s daughter from the church and now we’re trying to get out of dodge. […]

  2. […] Not really. Even though I died over a hundred times more than the first time through, it wasn’t that much harder. It took me about 3 hours longer this time through, but I took my time and looked for all the treasures. I killed about a hundred more bad guys, but I was more efficient, increasing my hit rate to 74%. I also finished “Assignment Ada” and I’ve now unlocked all the weapons goodies. I don’t have the million pesetas to buy the infinite rocket launcher or the Chicago Typewriter, but I did acquire the hand cannon and it packs quite the punch. […]

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