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I disparage Spike TV any chance I get. It’s no secret that I don’t hold the “First Network for Men” in very high regard. (Besides, wouldn’t ESPN hold the title for that?). Anyways, I buzz past Spike TV when I channel surf, stopping only for the occasional Jet Li movie.

Well, that all changed when last Saturday I saw that they were airing The Three Stooges. I love the Three Stooges! I have been watching them for years. When my grandpa went blind (rest his soul) he would only let me watch the Stooges on Saturday mornings because the cartoons would confuse him. I didn’t like it at first, but I grew to love them. Watching my grandpa laugh made it that much better. So I’ve always had a sweet spot for the Stooges. Anytime they’re on TV I’ll be watching them. Your network could have a show about clubbing kittens and baby seals and then host a Three Stooges marathon and I wouldn’t hold the baby animal show against you. A few years ago AMC used to show Three Stooges every evening. Wy wife suffered through them but I loved it. Now I can get them again on Saturday mornings?

I guess Spike TV ain’t all that bad.


  1. “Raise your right hand.”

    “Take off your hat.”

    “Raise your right hand!”

    “Take off your hat!”


  2. Yes! That is the greatest scene from any Three Stooges ever. My favorite part:

    Bailiff: “Do you swear …”

    Curly: “No, but I know all the words!”

    You, my friend, are a true Stooge connoisseur.

  3. Haha. I forgot about that.


    “That’s the spirit!”

  4. My Grandpa went blind from having his eyes poked while his buddy went “nyuk nyuk nyuk”. If only he could have used the vertical open hand agains the nose defense in time. Oh well it was worth it for the laughs.

    Don’t hold it against your wife that she doesn’t enjoy the Three Stooges. I don’t think women have the defective gene that men posse that allows them to understand that the Stooges are hilarious. Either that, or women are way to smart to get it.


  1. […] My Three Stooges post got some people thinking about those the Stooges and all their shenanigans. I got a note from buttonmashing.com reader agentgray pointing me to this site with a link to the Disorder in the Court, the episode we were quoting. It’s in the public domain (its copyrighted expired long ago) so it should be legit. If you want a classic Three Stooges episode on your PSP (or you just want to watch some sweet Stooge action) check this out. […]

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