Dead Rising is dead to me.

Okay, maybe the title is a little over-the-top. Dead Risingis a great game, but right now I just don’t see myself playing it much anymore.

Dead Rising

(This post may reveal some minor spoilers, for those that care.)

I earned the “D” ending the first time through Dead Rising. I had no idea what to do at the end until it was too late. “D” is the poor man’s ending, not resolving much. I approached the end a second time and instead of getting caught by the SWAT guys, I hid like a little girl on the roof for 12 hours. Then, I forgot to actually be on the helipad and the helicopter left without me. Crap! I got the “C” ending. I decided I’d try my luck with a stronger Frank the third time through and found the SWAT guys go down pretty easy when I hack their limbs with the mini chainsaw. So I managed to unlock the “Overtime Mode” and eventually I earned the “A” ending (or “ture” ending, as the misspelling in the Achievements calls it) and I unlocked the “Infinity Mode” which is basically a non-stop zombie bash. How long can you survive while your health slowly slips away? I played the inifinity mode a few times, hoping to earn the “5-day” and “7-day Survivor” achievements. What a joke that turned out to be.

I managed to survive almost 24 hours when I decided I’d save and continue at a later time. I went to the security room but couldn’t save. Fine, maybe it wasn’t “safe” there anymore, so I went down to a bathroom and tried to save there. Again, no save. WTH? So I did a quick Google which brought me to the IGN FAQ for surviving Dead Rising’s Infinity Mode, earning those elusive achievements. (You can read the FAQ here)

Turns out, there is no save in the Infinity Mode. That is insane. And disappointing. Sure, it’s not the main game, but I was looking forward to racking up some serious zombie kills over a few days of gaming. It takes about 2 hours, real-time, to survive 24 hours, game time. That means 14 hours to earn the “7-day Survivor.” No one in the right mind is going to do that! (Actually, the longest anyone on Live has survived is 16 days. That’s THIRTY-TWO FRICKEN HOURS of Dead Rising, straight, people!)

I can’t fathom what the person was thinking when he decided this was a good design idea. Let’s make them play our 14 hours with no saving! That’s a great idea! No, it’s not. That’s insanity. It’s not even hardcore. It’s just not doable for 99% of the people playing the game.

Sure, the IGN FAQ tells you this is, “one of the toughest achievements in the game.” The FAQ also gives you hints on how to keep your Xbox from over-heating while you play for FOURTEEN HOURS straight. Toughest achievement? I’d rather not catch my entertainment center on fire, thank you very much.

In the end, this doesn’t detract from Dead Rising as a whole. The game is a great game. But I thought it would have a lot of replayability, but now I just don’t see it happening. In fact, I had started the game over, trying to earn some of the other achievements I never earned but now I don’t even feel like playing that anymore, knowing that the Survivor achievements will always mock me and my limited gaming time.

So for now, Dead Rising is dead to me.


  1. Well after getting bored with ninja gaiden 2, and my xbox stoped overheating so quickly, and after watching a couple of youtube videos related to this, (I know what you’re thinking: get to the point!) i forced myself to try the DR Genocide. Its alot easier than i thought! I know i can get the acheivement of 7-day survive, well i really only want the sword, anyway, it’s just that i don’t want to. i love all my games equally. In fact right now i favor Fallout 3, DR, and Ninja Gaiden 2. But it doesn’t seem worth wasting my time over. If you want to know the easy way: Get some juices at roastmasters kill the snipers in the park. get some more food from al fresca plaza, then get the health book, finally tuck your tail and run your ass to the movies where gues what? more food! that should last you quite a while on which after your on your own. But if that doesn’t last you 5 days go to the North Plaza where therre should be plenty of (yuck) coffe creamer if you want to know more i’ll answer your questions on my youtube channel xduvakx, but no where else! Sorry im too lazy to come back to this page.

  2. Oh and two more things
    1.If you can’t get my youtube channel then go to Thatfatguyfrommars on youtube and look at his comments or friends i should be listed there.
    2.Remember to close the doors in the theater your hidding in to avoid zombies!

  3. You have got to be kidding me, that is the whole challenge of the infinity mode game play, and have you ever heard of a pause button? If you want to leave your game pause it and come back and play later, your whines don’t matter they did it on purpose not by mistake. hey pony up, get a clue the game is what it is and you can pause it.

  4. IWasAlmostAJillSandwich says

    dead rising infinity mode is an epic idea

    i just did 7day survivor this morning at about 8am i survived 7 days and then i let myself die in Jill’s Sandwiches haha

    it’s just the point how long can you survive for and obviously saving game is abit like cheating as people would play it for as long as possible but with no real effort and it wouldn’t be as much of an “achievement”

    you can pause it tho for as long as you like (if you wanted sleep or to go out to work) as long as you don’t get xbox turned off your fine

    i liked the point of no saving as if i died i’d really be dead and would have to start again (if i even wanted too lol) and that made it more real for me… then when i was nearly out of food it made me panic like holy hell and look in all shops available whiles psychopaths spawn up and chase me and i found it really enjoyable… especially sean in the wonderland plaza i was like wtf? where did you come from?!??!?

    it’s not that hard to get as i’m not much of a gamer… last thing i played through to the end was resident evil 1 from 1996… oh and viva pinata on xbox360 but like i’d confess that haha

    it’s just time consuming like a beach if you don’t pause it like i did haha this kindof proven i have no life hahaha

    so yeah… sorry you didn’t like it but the 72hour mode kicks arse… try and get zombie geneside (driving in maintence tunnel quickest way) and you’ll get the mega man gun which helps alot in any mode you play

    ok this is too long i’l be going now, bye bye 😀

  5. You know looking at this I believe they answered alot of what you wanted to make it ten out of ten, since they added online co-op!

  6. I hope the writer of this article got good by now..


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