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24tv.jpgOkay, fellow 24 junkies, I’ve had a chance to digest the four-hour season premier of 24. (If you were wondering, yes, 24 kicks some serious butt in HD). So far, I have mixed feelings about the way this season has started. There are some things I like and some things I have a problem with. I do, however, have a few questions (– SPOILER ALERT –):

How did Wayne Palmer become President that fast? I thought he had no interest in serving in office? Maybe I missed something.

And what about his sister? Years have elapsed in the “24 Universe,” yet there was never a mention (that I can remember) of a sister. Sounds Star Wars-esque.

Where are Aaron Pierce and Mike Novick? We all know that Jack and Aaron are the only ones that will survive the apocalypse. Curtis is obvious proof of that. Jack and Aaron are like cockroaches. They can survive fricken nuclear winter. So where is Agent Pierce?

Speaking of Curtis, Holy Crap on Stilts! Who saw that coming?! I thought Curtis was, like, a Jack Junior or something. Mrs. buttonMasher was very disappointed to see Curtis buy the farm so early.

I’m not as steeped in 24 Lore as some of you may be, so if you can enlighten me, I’d appreciate it.


  1. 1) Wayne Palmer President
    – this is my c’mon your half way over the shark moment. No history as to when. However, it’s been 20 months since Logan stepped down. Maybe he ran on the momentum of his brother’s death.

    2) Palmer sister
    – this is the chick off of Jerry McGuire. Another close shark moment. The Presidents on 24 always have to have problems with women who cannot get their priorities straight. She’s abusing the fact that her brother is President to state her point. Hence becoming what she’s crying about. Nothing is mentioned about her history.

    3) Aaron Pierce
    – actor who plays him is listed in the credits for this season. I bet he’s the head SS guard still. Novick? Who knows? Here’s another question: The people who play Logan and his wife are credited for this season as well. Are they going to show up in a future episode.

    4) Curtis’ death
    Called it at work and at home with the wife. Someone big always dies at the beginning of the day now. He was expendable. I did not think he would go the way he did. Jack always threatens but he’s never pushed. Dang. I want Tony back anyway.

    Anyway, a nuke in a populated area on US soil ups the ante a bit. Of course, Jack needed his resolve back. Where are the other four though?

    My guess is Kumar left them at White Castle.

  2. Wayne as president is mildly believable. You get the impression his brother was fairly popular and who knows what would have happened post Logan. I say “mildly believable” in 24 terms, of course. If this was a drama, I’d be calling shenanigans.

    Sister Palmer is a late addition to the show. Pretty much out of the blue. I think she’s an OK method to counterbalance people in Wayne’s cabinet though. Jury still out there.

    I’m guessing Aaron and Mike took a vacation. Aaron was probably voluntary, Mike perhaps not so much. Aaron, I wouldn’t be surprise to see again – when Jack needs him. Or maybe sipping pina coladas with Martha. If we see Mike, I’d expect to be reminded that he is “old guard” at this point. And not in a good way.

    Curtis. Yeah, I wasn’t terribly surprised after the setup in the beginning of the episode. Too bad – I really like the actor. He’s doesn’t have a lot of variety, but he does it well. Did they really need something like that to tear Jack down? No, but it was an exciting way to do it … and that’s what 24 revels in.

    A note on Kumar – I think Kal Penn is a great actor. But seriously – he is really, really, really Indian. As in – not Arab. Really, really not Arab. I’m not saying he didn’t act the role – I just think it’s weird that American audiences will accept that so quickly. When he said “My name is ACHmed” – I wanted to say, “No dude, it’s like TAJ”.

  3. I was a bit disappointed in how Jack was released, it came across as a bit of a deus ex machina, but I’m hoping the writers will clue us in on the deal later and maybe it will play a role in the plot.

    Sister Palmer is annoying, but really what else are the writers going to do to keep side plots fresh? Wayne was a nice surprise and it is a bit believable as Josh said, but I’m starting not to like him as the president, he was fine as a president’s aid. Only four episodes in so I haven’t wrote him off yet.

  4. ag – you called Curtis’ death? That was a total bolt from the blue for me. I had hoped he would survive, although that would set up some awkward moments between he and Jack.

    Josh – I kept thinking the same thing about Ahmed. Most of the “terrorists” they cast at least look Middle-Eastern. Not that guy. Good actor, yes, but bad fake terrorist.

    krones – I actually think the deal to get Jack back from the Chinese is going to play a part before the day is over. Not sure what it will be, but time will tell.


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