After a series of unfortunate events that involved my fist and a hard surface, I have to postpone gaming for the next few weeks. Hopefully I will be able to do some kind of gaming, maybe something easy on the DS, but my ascension up the Halo 3 ranks will have to wait a little while.


Uggh. This is not the best thing that could have happened today. My Buckeyes lost a heart-breaker this afternoon and I had to spend time at the urgent care center this evening. I guess the bright side of all of this is that I’ll have more time for blogging. That’s something, right?


  1. I recommend some Nintendo DS stylus-only games. Hope you’re left-handed, though. :^\

    Or, perhaps, time to practice your DDR skills.

  2. @jvm – No, I’m right-handed, of course. It wouldn’t be quite so frustrating if that was the case. I think I’ll get some extra reading in the next couple weeks, too.

    Learning how to mouse left-handed is fun.

  3. My Buckeyes lost a heart-breaker this afternoon and I had to spend time at the urgent care center this evening.


  4. Jeremiah Sharpe says

    Well I can guess exactly when your hand broke……. my guess is that interception with 8 mins to go in the game……

    I also Bet Mrs. Buttonmasher is pretty mad at this point and has been giving you the look for 12 hours even in her sleep she is giving you the look.

    Thank Goodness I wasnt there cause we both know that hard object you would have been hitting would have been my face lol.

  5. @JS – It happened before that. And yeah, it would have to be your face if you were here. And I got the look, but now she feels bad. Bad for marrying such a moron.

    At least now you’ll be in town for the Buckeyes bowl game.

  6. Jeremiah – just make sure to give him an “accidental” high five on the Bucks’ first TD next week. That’ll learn him. 😉

    Seriously, Tony – don’t feel too bad, man. Your injury is a metaphor. The Bucks beat themselves last Saturday, too, but they will return. Wounded but wiser. Nothing like a little humiliation to put things into perspective. How likely is it that you’ll allow yourself to get carried away like that again? Not likely. Same with the Bucks. And your true friends don’t think less of you for it, just like true fans of tOSU don’t think less of them for the loss.

    Hang in there, lefty!! Make the first game you play when the wrap comes off an NCAA 07 game. Load up OSU vs. Illinois. Call a blitz on the first play, and bury Williams upside down in the turf so hard that Tressel will have a place to park his bike afterwards. You know… “closure.”

  7. flamingsquirrel says


    I busted my left hand pointer finger 3 days after I got RE4 (on the cube) I was determind to keep playing. (because RE4 owns so hard) It wasn’t that bad though, it was hard to use the knife (left shoulder button) but aside from that, I could still play. Of course, hurt my finger a few times when I got grabbed, and you have to roll the thumbstick, I always do it “blister on your palm mario party style” (which my freind actualy did that playing mario party on n64, and got a blister!) so I used my right hand to roll the thumbstick really fast, of course, my left hand grabbed the controller really hard to stop it from slipping, and my finger … lets just say it was in pain, and convinced me to shout choice words at the game.

    anyway, that looks like it REALLY sucks, your RIGHT hand, totaly immobilized. Looks like you’ll have time to get through your reading list.

    Oh ya, since you wont really be using your 360, you could always send it over my way… hahaha, yeah right.

  8. Dark Reyule says

    Punch a wall Tony? You had to!

  9. @SM – That’s not a bad idea. I should beat Illinois by 200 points. That will make things feel better.

    @FS – After I see the doctor the last time, I’ll see if I can grip a controller. If so, I’ll be quite happy. If not, maybe you can have my 360 😉

    @DR – I wish it was a wall. Then I would have had a chance to miss a stud. The floor offered no such relief.

  10. Drywall is your friend. In my younger days I too would fall victim to insane rage. (By younger days I mean a couple of months ago.) I learned as a youngster that drywall battering is the way to go. Make sure it is drywall and not block. I broke my hand in three places at a anger management meeting held in a room with deceptive non-drywall walls.

    I Hope you heal up quick. Tell Mrs. Button Masher she can join the “I married a dumbass” club with Mrs. Bobster.

  11. Oh no! I hope you heal up soon!

  12. Seriously Tony, I’d be willing to help your recovery process by holding onto your 360. I’m just that good of a friend.

  13. @Larry – I wish I would have seen this one earlier — you are welcome to the 360.

    Well, you were. The hand is definitely on the mend 🙂


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