In My Hands v2.0

I know these are usually just left as is, but getting my mitts on a copy of this game is one of those feats that just made my day. I’ve been wanting this game since waaaaay back in 2002 or so when it was originally released. I passed on it when it first came out and since then it has been impossible to find anywhere.

Fast forward to last year. I was in one of the two rinky-dink video stores in my town and I happened upon a copy of R.A.D. on the shelf. I tried to convince the clerk to let me buy it, but no dice. It drove me nuts as I knew nobody else in town was going to rent it. I’ve gone into the store since and checked to make sure it was still around and thankfully it was. I was heading home from work today and popped into the store to see if they had Iron Man on blu-ray (nope) and there was my lonely R.A.D. on the shelf. The owner was in the store today and I put on my best hang-dog expression and asked if he’d be willing to part with it.

$15 later, I was walking out of the store with the game! And from what little I’ve played, it is a blast.

This is one of those games that, by not buying it and never being able to find it, turned me into the kind of near obsessive collector over the past several years. If I ever see a game with an interesting concept, I am almost loathe to pass it by because I don’t want a repeat of what happened with this game to happen again. It doesn’t help that you’ve got a company like Atlus that preys upon people like me, what with their awesome concept games and incredibly tiny print runs!


  1. That is, well, totally rad.

  2. This is the greatest worm’s-eye-view boxart game EVER.

  3. The thing is, the entire game is played out like that. That’s what makes it so awesome. You play as the guy holding the remote control that moves those giant robots around. The sense of scale and crazy perspectives is awesome.

  4. So you’re the little dude in the bottom right corner? He looks a little unsure.

  5. Wouldn’t you be unsure if you had a giant robot trundling towards you with YOU at the helm?

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