[2 Second Review] Fracture

When a game is much, much more entertaining in the tutorial than it is in the actual game, something is wrong.

Fracture is like the Force Unleashed only without the story to give you a reason to proceed. It’s a fun game until people start shooting at you. I love the concept with the world deformation and maybe it can be incorporated in a better way in some other kind of game, but as it stands in Fracture, it’s a flop. I knew it was time to pop the disc out when I spent most of the first level hitting enemies with the butt of my rifle than I did shooting them.

Recommendation: AVOID


  1. So, did you hit them with the butt of your rifle because: a) you were out of ammo, b) it was more effective than shooting them, or c) it was the only enjoyable thing to do?

    None of those answers bodes well.

  2. A combination of B and C. Trying to get a bead on the guys was almost the antithesis of fun and it was a lot easier to just run up and smack them with my gun than it was to actually shoot them.

    I was thinking about the game a bit more and it’s the kind of thing where the deformation tech would be much more interesting if it was used outside of the context of generic sci-fi shooter #5098.

    I loved the way that the environment interacted with the various deformation mechanics which is why I said that the tutorial was actually fun as you’re just playing with various spike grenades and making embankments and so forth. I’d like to see the tech in something like an adventure game… Strip away the combat and make me have to use the environment to get from one end of a level/stage to another.


  4. *FLUUSSSSHHHH!* That’s the sound of Fractures sales going down the toilet.

    Ah well, another one for the bargin bins.

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