LittleBigPlanet Levels Being Moderated

Media Molecule and Sony seems to be deleting user-created levels that feature or copy intellectual property.

Get over it, whiners. Create something unique and original. I’ve specifically avoided anything to do with other IP and game level copying. 99% of it is crap anyway. If I want to play Super Mario Bros., uh, I’ll play SMB.

I’ll be nice now. Mean mode is off.


  1. What? You never heard of the saying “The most flattering thing someone can do is to imitate.”

    Why didn’t they think of this during their LONG beta when people started making levels similar to other games. They kind of are kicking themselves in the head.

  2. On the one hand, there were some great levels that were inspired by other IPs, not just blatant rip-offs. I’m thinking of the Batman one in particular.

    I do agree that if they do this, we’ll finally get a lot of original levels like Hollow Bastion and The Prophecy, but I was really hoping to try out that Gradius level, if only to marvel at the sheer technical genius behind it.

    The statement that has been made about actually deleting levels on your personal PS3 is the part that irks me the most. I can understand keeping the licensed levels off the servers but don’t go in and start deleting levels from people’s harddrives.

  3. Get over it, whiners?

    That’s freaking harsh, *if* the stories are to be believed. Remember, they don’t just delete the level from the server, they delete it from your PS3. Joystiq reports that a level called “Failure to Launch” was deleted because of the title (which was also a movie title).

    Considering how many hours go in to making these things, well, I’d be pretty upset too. Delete them from the servers? Fine. But nuke them from my hard drive and I’d be spitting nails.

    Now if the stories aren’t true, and Sony/MM is just removing them from the servers, then I’m right with you.. Get over it, whiners!!!

  4. flamingsquirrel says

    That’s bullshit, Nat.

    Recreations are the funnest thing in LBP. I was working on a recreation of the first bit of Half Life 1 in the beta, if I ever finished it, and it was deleted because it resembled HL1, I would NOT be happy.

  5. Heh. I stand corrected when I say also that Sony should not delete the local copies.

    However, let me put it this way:

    I’m arguing that people actually do something original for a change. However, I guess that’s beyond the scope of most gamers’ creativity. Most of the levels in question I’ve seen on the two major threads have been IP copied in content or name.

    Funny, whatever we can do to screw The Man is fine, but when they start to protect themselves it’s screw him to the core.

    I can understand the frustration of spending days on a level and it’s gone without reason. However, in this day of IP law can anyone think of one game that allows that type of creation–openly?

  6. People imitate when they’re learning a new skill. That’s natural. It lets you focus on learning the technical aspects of the skill. People learning to draw manga copy characters they love. People also enjoy sharing what they’ve created if they’re proud of it.

    Saying originality is “beyond the scope of most gamers’ creativity” is painting with an awfully broad scope. What about satire? What about parody? Half the comedy you see on TV is “copying” something.

    What about fair use? The term “button mashing” isn’t exactly original. People in glass houses.

    That’s my last word on the topic. And in fact my last comment here.

  7. quote: Pete S

    “Thatís my last word on the topic. And in fact my last comment here.”

    I’m sorry to hear that. To each his own. The Internet is a big place.

    There’s some great user-created content out there in all genres of games. The “homage” excuse is getting old. Copying content to get downloads and level usage by others is lame.

    I’ve been wowed by some of the user-created stuff in LBP and the only IP one I was impressed by was the Gradius homage because it went well beyond the scope of LBP intention.

    All the others? Stickers.

    I understand fair use. I also understand that they are not making money off this. However, they have to make it universal and avoid lawsuits. sad, but true. I don’t know that the EULA says, but I would think that they absolve themselves somehow.

    I cannot believe I’m defending Sony on this, when just two weeks ago I was crucifying them. However, I am with you, if they are deleting local levels, then I am the first to light the torch and get the pitchfork.

    Otherwise, copy in-game levels for learning, use the ideologies and theory of others, but don’t make an item by item, jump by jump, and complete look ripoff.

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