‘Tis The Season To Save

If you’ve managed to survive Christmas dinner and the Boxing Day sales, there’s one more goodie under the virtual tree this year from our good friends at Valve.

Steam is having a massive sale from now until Jan. 2, 2009. Everything is 10-75% off and there are some great deals to be had. I snagged World Of Goo for $15 (I couldn’t justify getting it for $20) as well as Ghost Master ($3) and Runaway: The Dream Of The Turtle ($7). Nothing like getting 3 games for $25, I say.

There are some really good deals on publisher bundles as well and it would be a shame for those of you interested in some unique indie games or even some big titles from the past year or two to miss out on these deals.


  1. Dang you!!!! I just got Unreal Tournament 3
    Dark Messiah: Might and Magic and Portal. 😛 I’m so weak for cheap games 😛

  2. I snagged

    Bioshock ($5!)
    Jade Empire
    Defense Grid

    I was just over $30. I’m glad I waited last week after having a conversation with Brock.

  3. Bioshock is only $5! Holy crap. I should just buy it on principle even though I’ve played, loved and beaten the 360 version…

  4. I was going to get Unreal Tournament 3 for like 10 bucks but they took it down from the service because they were selling too many cd-keys. BAH!

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