Dante’s Inferno

From the name of the game I’m pretty sure it will be heavily influenced by Dante’s, “Divine Comedy“. I vaguely knew about Dante’s Inferno but I didn’t know enough to be excited about it.

I first heard about/saw the game during the VGA’s (Video Game Awards) and thought why would I be interested in this?

There wasn’t anything to make me want to follow this game or pick it up when it finally comes out.

Today however, I was looking through my google reader and found this gem of a video.

The ending leaves left me wanting a better ending to the trailer considering the majority of the first half seemed to build itself up to something. The rest of the trailer was great. I really liked the art style, the new-ish style of SFIV and Prince of Persia(the wisps coming off of people/motion/etc.) is something that I like the visual appeal of. Now the thing that makes me want to see more is the anticipation of what the game will actually look and play like. I can assume that it will be an action game of sorts but in order to see what the creators will do with the game is something that I guess we’ll have to wait for.


  1. It’s also done by the guys who did Dead Space, so that’s nice…

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