[2 Minute Review] Peggle: Dual Shot

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your DS…

Peggle DS Logo

The ultimate digital crack is now portable.

DO: Clear all of the orange pegs.

TYPE: Pachinko Simulator


PRICE: $19.99

MEAT: It’s Peggle on the DS with a smattering of extras and tweaks. For the uninitiated, Peggle is essentially pachinko (or Plinko from The Price Is Right) in digital form. You have a board full of blue, purple and orange pegs and blocks and the goal is to launch your ball from the top of the screen and clear all of the orange blocks. It’s an incredibly simple concept that Popcap has been able to tweak into something that rivals the addictiveness of a Vegas slot machine.


Add to this a variety of characters who each have their own special power-ups, ranging from multi-balls to having the computer calculate the best angle of attack, and a slew of challenge boards, bonus modes and extra point modifiers and you have a game that will sink its claws into you for hours on end. Peggle DS has also added a Peggle Underground mode that lets you rack up even greater point totals by going into a bonus screen if you hit the new gold peg (which appears after clearing 5 purple bonus point pegs). Another interesting feature of Peggle DS is that you need only to hold your stylus on the screen for a few seconds and it will zoom in on the target area, giving you the ability to fine-tune your shots.

PERKS: New modes; contains both Peggle & Peggle Nights; Ode To Joy is still as satisfying as ever.

SCREAMS: For slightly crisper graphics… That’s about it.

VERDICT: Buy. It’s only $19.99 at most places (sometimes cheaper) and it’s one of the best cost-to-value purchases you can make. And this is coming from someone who already owns Peggle on the PC and XBLA.


  1. This is child-crack. When shopping for underwear the other day, my boy didn’t ask for Mario underwear or Spiderman underwear. He asked if maybe there might be some “Peggle underwear”.

    Ode to joy indeed.

  2. I’ve never been addicted to a drug.

    What I’ve experienced with Peggle I think is what it’s like. We’re traveling this summer. I may have to purchase this “for my son to play.”

  3. Is this out on the PSP? That’s the handheld I take with me when I travel. I’d definitely buy it on that platform. I love this game!

  4. So far it isn’t out on PSP, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a version in the works. It’s available on pretty much every other platform known to man.

  5. In my feeble hands!

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