In my (overflowing) hands


I also picked up Ninja Gaiden Dragon Swordand Tecmo Bowl: Kickofffor my DS at the recent Best Buy sale. So my hands are definitely full.


  1. It has the first game on it as well?

  2. @Nat – I believe so. When you start out it gives you the option of either “Escape from Butcher Bay” or “Assault on Dark Athena.” I didn’t play the first one, so I don’t know how faithful it is to the Xbox version.

  3. Interesting. No achievements though?

    Probably the same copy you download from XBLA.


  1. […] now that the weekend is here, I hope to get in a little more. I’ve got the games I just mentioned to play, plus some Fallout 3 and some GTA mixed in there for good measure. Oh, and there looks to […]

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