The Folks at Apple Are Geniuses

Iíve spent $15 in the last two weeks on the iTunes store for some games for my iPod Touch (phone coming next week!). Fifteen dollars net me six games and every one of them has been amazing. Assassinís Creed and I have had an excellent past. I donít know how Ubisoft did it, but the game on the iPod ($5) is unbelievable. The rest: Mecho Wars, Flight Control, Baseball Superstars 09, and geoDefense.


  1. Nice. I’m a sucker for smaller games. Whenever Steam has a game on for under $10, it is VERY hard for me to resist.

  2. For longest time, I didn’t believe that Apple had a chance in “gaming” with the iPhone/iPod Touch, but I’ve been impressed with how well the games play and how cheap most of them are.

    Seems like they are definitely here to stay.

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