One Company Gets It Right

While Sony seems to be bungling the PSPgo, one PSP publisher seems to see what works for gamers. NIS is heavily discounting digital versions of it’s games for one week starting tomorrow. They are priced from $5-$10.

I’ll be picking up one title for sure. Can you guess which one? Oh, and hey, I won’t be getting a PSPgo to play it.


  1. I’ve heard Prinny: CIRBTH is pretty fun.

    But I’m guessing you’re getting the Badman game?

  2. Disgaea for sure and Prinny and Badman if the price is right.

    I’m sure someone else here might jump at this.

  3. Don’t get Prinny! For the love of all that is holy. Granted, I’m one of those suckers who dropped $50 on the UMD version, which is pretty much the main reason why NIS has plummetted from a loved publisher to an almost loathed one in my estimation.

    I’ve heard good things about Mana Khemia, so I might grab that for $5-10. While I’m somewhat tempted by Badman, I wasn’t wowed by the demo and from the reviews I’ve read it doesn’t fare much better in the long term (it’s either FAR too random and difficult or incredibly simple once you figure out the trick to it).

    If I didn’t already have Disgaea 1 & 2 on UMD, I’d snag them and would highly recommend either of them.

    Now if only they were releasing Half Minute Hero for these prices 🙂

  4. And yes, I realize NIS isn’t releasing Half Minute Hero. I’m just griping about its price wherever I can.

  5. Oh, I remember you saying that about Prinny. Thanks for the reminder. That leaves Disgaea (never played one and I need an SRPG fix).

    I have the same thoughts you did on Badman after playing the demo. It just got random even there.

  6. Disgaea, esp. for $5-10, is a total and utter steal. Talk about potentially endless gameplay.

  7. Actually it look like some of the prices were not quoted right. Either the Sony blog is wrong on the PSN Store.

    Most of those “to want” games are $15, not $5-$10.

    Oh well.

  8. For a lot of those games (Disgaea 1 & 2 and Mana Khemia esp.), the prices are still pretty fair and when you compare them to things like the $32 they’re charging for Secret Agent Clank, they’re an absolute steal.

    But stay away from Badman! If anyone should like that game, it’s me, and I don’t!

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