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I screwed up how I played through the first Bioshock. I played through about 90% of the game when it first came and then dropped it cold turkey (for Halo 3 I think). I loved exploring Rapture, fighting the Splicers and being immersed in the Bioshock setting but I left the game unfinished for a couple years. I eventually went back to Rapture and finished the game, but by that point I was so removed from the story that things didn’t really have the emotional impact it could have had. Same thing happened with Mass Effect, minus the immersion and emotional attachment.

So now I have to decide if I want to interrupt the flow of Mass Effect 2 to make my return to Rapture. I’ve heard that it’s just as wonderfully “explorable” (is that a word? Firefox spell check says it is) as the first one. That really excites me. I’m really looking forward to donning that Big Daddy suit. I’d also like to get back to the business of forming the most elite team of alien warriors in the galaxy. I guess it’s good to options.

Decisions, decisions. What are you going to play this weekend?


  1. Spelunky.

    And the Heavy Rain demo. Again. I am amazed at how the developers were able to use the control scheme to convey emotions based upon what you are going with your hands.

    The immersion is uncanny.

  2. I am taking a different approach to Bioshock 2 and ME2. I have never played the originals (outside of a Bioshock demo). So, come release of the 2’s this year, I bought both of the originals to play through and feel like I’m part of the party for the 2’s. Then I can repeat the process for the 3s 🙂

  3. I have yet to play Bioshock let alone Bioshock 2. I need to raid Tony’s house and get them. By the way, my spell checker doesn’t like the word bioshock but lets explorable go by without a squiggly red line under it. (It doesn’t like “Tony’s” either.)


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