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Kenshi for the PC

December Releases

As per usual, December releases are not much to look at, but there is Just Cause 4 that some people will be stoked for and of course Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but neither of those are my particular cup of tea. Maybe they are yours! On to this month’s releases:

Microsoft Xbox One

Week of December 3rd

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
GODS Remastered
Energy Cycle Edge
Battle Princess Madelyn

Week of December 10th
Desert Child
Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story

Nintendo Switch

Week of December 3rd

Energy Cycle Edge
Battle Princess Madelyn
Beholder: Complete Edition
Rival Megagun

Week of December 10th

Guacamelee! 2
Desert Child
Everspace – Stellar Edition
Kingdom Two Crowns
Dragon Marked For Death
Omensight: Definitive Edition
SEGA AGES Phantasy Star
Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story

Week of December 17th

Week of December 31st

Nintendo 3DS

No new Nintendo 3DS releases this month.


Week of December 3rd
Jagged Alliance: Rage!
Just Cause 4
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Week of December 10th
Insurgency: Sandstorm

Week of December 24th

Sony Playstation 4

Week of December 3rd

Week of December 31st

Sony Playstation Vita

No new Playstation Vita releases this month.

What are you picking up this month?

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In My Weekend Gaming Hands

Not literally in my hands anymore, as it’s all been assembled and nestled safely under my desk but after some extensive research, I pulled the trigger on some AMD components to put together a new gaming PC. I hope to get some more posts up describing my decision process but so far, so good. Life in 1440p land is great.

So this weekend will probably involve more than PC gaming than normal. A little Destiny, maybe some Bioshock Infinite and something new, like Tokyo 42.

What are you playing this weekend?

Weekend Gaming

Thanksgiving kicks off the “Holiday Season” officially, with its extended weekend and treat-yo-self mentality that really lends itself to some extended me-time, in the form of some video games.

So what is everyone playing this long weekend? Myself, I have a handful of ideas I’d like to get to.

Most importantly is not gaming in and of itself, but a means to a more glorious form of PC gaming — the process of acquiring new components for a new PC build. Taking advantage of Black Friday deals has netted me a new AMD motherboard/CPU combo and RAM. Thanks, Micro Center!

I’ll be waiting for a couple days for my monitor and GPU to show up, so in the meantime, here’s what I’ll be playing this weekend:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: This is the weekend it all comes together — I am finally going to finish BotW. I’ve collected all but one memory, I have crafted a huge pile of food and elixirs to sustain me during the assault of the castle and I’m coming for you, Calamity Ganon.

breath of the wild

Some of the Buttonmashing crew took advantage of the gift Blizzard bestowed on us all with a free copy of Destiny 2, so I’ll be jumping in and out of that as time allows.

Dota 2: the 7.20 game patch came out last week and all its accompanying game-changing updates. Dota 2 has an eternal place on the Weekend Gaming rotation.

What are you going to be playing this weekend?

Diablo Immortal…NotLikeThis…

The title for the next iteration of Diablo is such a contradiction, considering it might already be dead!

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed in what the next iteration of Diablo turned out to be. Seeing a title like, “Diablo: What’s Next?” on the schedule for BlizzCon opened up the hype gates like Tyrael parting the sky from heaven on his way down to Sanctuary to slay some demon spawn!

Blizzard even had to temper the enthusiasm from the Diablo fan base with a post because everyone was hoping for just a glimpse of Diablo 4. Just a peek would be all we needed but, alas, it was not meant to be. I’ll tell you what was next though, a big heaping pile of #notmydiablo!

If I’m being harsh it’s because I have been fan of Diablo from the beginning. I can remember playing the original Diablo over local co-op on the PlayStation with my brother, so many hours with Diablo 2 on the PC, and finally with Diablo 3 on the PC (over and over again – thank you seasons). I don’t think anyone was looking forward to a smartphone version of Diablo (if you can find someone that was clamoring for it, let me know in the comments – genuinely asking here folks).

This will be the first Diablo game that I won’t play… wow… that’s a hard one to type. I choose not to play it because it’s not the game I want and certainly not the Diablo I want. It feels like the powers that be at Blizzard (or maybe Activision) are not aware of what the fan base wants or they don’t care. Since we don’t know what the pricing is or what micro-transactions are going to be available in the game, we can’t say it was just a cash grab…yet. Whatever the model ends up being doesn’t really matter. What does matter, and I HOPE Blizzard is listening, is that they missed the mark. No amount of hype, or faux hype at the BlizzCon announcement can make a game desirable when it wasn’t wanted in the first place.

After perusing some of the Diablo 3 subreddit (I mean, where else would you go to get the pulse of a community?) I found a very concise summary to the whole thing from user j005e and to sum it up; I share it here:


The phrase that I’ve seen used a lot in defense of Blizzard/Activision is, “You can’t please everyone.” and while that’s true, you could at least satisfy the Diablo fanbase. Sadly, I don’t know if any lessons will be learned or anything good will come from this whole thing. I do hope I’m wrong and Blizzard give us all a mea culpa but, what are the chances of that?