Now, You Can epic Win

Remember a while back we posted about the to-do app for iDevices called Epic Win. Touch Arcade tells us it’s out.

Sony, You Have It All Wrong

Allow me to respond to this video. (If you don’t see it in your reader, come to the site.)

I will admit this video is funny with the whole texting grandma bit. However, this video does not logically make sense. First, some disclaimers:

  • I like my PSP. I pull it out once every three months and play it.
  • I love my iPod touch. I use it every day for email, surfing, checking weather, and an occasional game.

Sony’s major argument is that you can play high-quality games for only $9.99. I can play three maybe four games on the iPod for that amount.

Second, this doesn’t make sense because there’s hardly anything there for $9.99. Let’s see, I can get GTA: Chinatown Wars for $10 on the App Store or $20 on PSN. Sure.

Certainly the argument can be made that there is a lot of trash on the App Store. I agree, but usually amongst the trash there is a gem or two. Before PSP fanboys get up in arms, I do have some PSN games on it, but I only ever bought them on sale (God of War, Savage Moon, Thexder Neo, Pixel Junk Monsters Deluxe, and a few other unimpressive titles).

The PSPgo had so much potential to be awesome, but there was nothing available for it but full-retail priced titles and a few small games. If the thing had been “opened” up like the App Store they’d be swimming in cash, but no, they had to keep a lid on it and so it’s a loss–for everyone.

This video does not work for me. Curiously, who does it work for? The few 13-30 somethings that are not socially connected and know better?

Space Invaders Infinity Gene [Lasting Longer]

Almost a year ago, we brought you some news about Space Invaders for all the iDevices. Taito has had a FREE update in the works for some time now that adds a new ship, a sideways mode, and the option to get some more ships via DLC. This was my iPhone FGotY last year and this keeps it right on the homepage of my iPod. The update is on the App store now.

Epic Win

Finally. Something epic ror real life.

Epic Win

Mirror’s Edge on the Go

We kind of had a little bit of a love/hate relationship with the console version of Mirror’s Edge. Some arguments made online is that the game would have been better in third person. It looks like the game has been shrunk down, put in third person, and married with Canabalt for your iPod/iPhone.

It’s not out yet, but my guess is soon.

Feedburner sometimes does not play nice with video. If you don’t see it in your reader, come home.

The Folks at Apple Are Geniuses

Iíve spent $15 in the last two weeks on the iTunes store for some games for my iPod Touch (phone coming next week!). Fifteen dollars net me six games and every one of them has been amazing. Assassinís Creed and I have had an excellent past. I donít know how Ubisoft did it, but the game on the iPod ($5) is unbelievable. The rest: Mecho Wars, Flight Control, Baseball Superstars 09, and geoDefense.

RIP, iPod Mini

May the most excellent piece of electronic gadgetry I have ever owned Rest In Peace:

RIP, my sweet Mini

It’s dead. I killed it. It’s a shame, too. I had recently purchased a replacement battery (from here) and tried to replace it myself. The battery itself is excellent. I was getting less than three hours on the original battery and decided it was time to replace it. I bought the battery, which came with a great instructional video on how to replace the battery. Everything went swimmingly and I was getting 6+ hours on the new battery. But then the click will started going flakey. So I disassembled the unit and made sure all the connections were good and I think that’s where things went bad. I crimped the little ribbon cable that connects the click wheel to the main board. Only I didn’t realize I had crimped it. So I patched it back up and it worked like a champ for another week or so. Then it went flakey again. It worked intermittently until it finally stopped working all together. I took it apart for the final time and noticed the ribbon cable had a tiny tear and some of the wires were frayed. It was my own dumb fault, crap!

As I said, it’s a shame, because I was really getting into podcasts. I have a whole post of podcast reviews half-done because I never finished listening to the ones sitting on the iPod. I don’t really like to listen to them while I’m at my desk, it was easier to turn them on in the car, while mowing the grass, that sort of thing. So I’m over a month behind on my episodes.

Luckily, I have a replacement on its way. I bartered with my brother-in-law and we’re making a trade — my old Xbox and some games for a new iPod Nano he got for signing up for an account somewhere. His wife is getting one as well, so they decided it was a fair trade. Hopefully it will show up before the end of the week and I’ll be jamming again on another piece of most excellent gadgetry. I can’t wait!

Now I have to figure out what to do with the Mini. It still “works” in that the hard drive is perfectly functional and has a new battery. A replacement click-wheel is $50+ which didn’t make sense to me (I’d rather put those 50 bucks towards a new iPod w/video), so now I have to decide what to do with it. Surely someone on eBay is looking for a iPod to cannibalize!

iPod envy

I’ve had my iPod mini for almost two years and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It’s been a fantastic piece of gadgetry. I’ve followed, from a distance, the evolution of the other iPods. When the Nano and Shuffle were announced, I was still happy with my mini. I felt no hint of jealousy. Even the shiny, colorful iPod photo couldn’t do it for me. But today I had a chance to mess around (that sounds so adulterous) with my buddy’s video iPod. Wow! It might have been a childish infatuation, but now I can’t get it out of my head. Now I want one.

I’ve heard mini’s have held their value pretty well. Maybe it’s time to start a video iPod fund. Any buttonMashers out there have the latest iteration of the wonderful iPod? Was my initial impression so positive because of its beauty and not its abilities? My friend had an episode of Alias on and it looked fantastic. Is it all that? I love the mini interface and I love the simple design. Have they carried over the great design all the way through to this generation? I am certainly tempted right now.

I just need to make sure that money wouldn’t cut into the Revolution fund…