History of Handheld Systems

DS Lite

Some cool scans of Club Nintendo’s “History of Handheld Systems” over at The Bit Beacon.

Super Mario Soda Display

I’ve seen some cool grocery store soda displays (mostly football oriented) but this one is very impressive:

(via @darrenrovell)

It worked every time

You used to blow into your NES cartridges to make them work (even though it was probably nothing more than the Placebo Effect). Now you can make some sweet music with your very own Custom Nintendo Super Mario 3 Harmonica!

Wii MotionPlus is A…Plus

On a whim last week, we purchased Wii Sports Resort and an extra Wii MotionPlus controller. Due to some family commitments, we didnít crack it open until this last Tuesday.

Our Wii has not been off since.

I donít know how Nintendo did it, but they have definitely improved on the control scheme of the device. Almost every game in the title is excellent and fun to play. Two of the biggest hits have been the airplane and sword fighting games.

LucasArts, Nintendo beat you. They beat you bad. Itís a shame, because you have the property for it. At any rate, it made me look forward to this game:

redsteel2 I didnít play the first, but apparently it deals with guns and swords. If Ubisoft can translate the controls well, itíll be a blast. The cell-shaded style is a plus in my book. Look for Red Steel 2 in 2010 I believe.

Team Ninja+Nintendo=buhwah!?!?

Heck, yes. It does.

We’re all fans of the recent Metroid games here. This one looks like Ryu is in the suit. Please, no waggle.

If you’re a feed reader and don’t see the vid, please come over to our house to play.