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Resident Evil 4As you may or may not know, RE 4 is set in an old, run-down, decaying European town. As luck would have it, it turns out to be an old, run-down, decaying Spanish town. Luckily for me, and all you loyal ButtonMashers, I spent two years in Spain and I am endeavoring to translate some of the sayings you’ll hear the possessed villagers yell as they try to kill Leon. My hats of to the guys who wrote the Spanish lines, most of them are well done, including the naughty i words. I am trying to keep this a PG-rated blog, so you’ll have to use your imagination for some of the definitions here. This list will grow as I progress further in the game from the luxury of my comfy seat and remember more of what is said. (Update: I have since beaten Resident Evil 4 but decided to keep this list updated, based on the daily hits I get looking for these translations

Update 2: Ever since the release of Resident Evil 4 on the Playstation 2 I’ve noticed an uptick in google requests for “Resident Evil 4 Translations”. I’ve been keeping the list updated as much as possible, so feel free to add anything I’ve missed, whether you know how to translate it or not.)

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So, as a public service, I present you the “Unofficial” Resident Evil 4 Spanish Phrases translation guide, complete with your additions:

  • Cabrón – Literally translated, this means “mountain goat”. Slang, it means “mothertrucker”.
  • ¡Jefe! – Boss!
  • ¡Voy a romperte (unintelligible) pedazos! – I’m gonna break you into pieces!
  • Mierda – Shnizzle
  • ¡Allí está! – There he is!
  • ¡Es el forastero! – It’s the foreigner!
  • ¡Te voy a matar! – I’m going to kill you!
  • ¡Te voy a hacer picadillo! – I’m gonna make mincemeat outta you!
  • ¡Detrás de tí, imbécil! – Behind you, imbecile!
  • ¡Cogedlo! – Grab him!
  • ¡Agérrelo! – Grab him!
  • Mueren, Mueren, Meuren – Die, die, die
  • ¡Mátalo! – Kill him!
  • ¡Mátenlo! – Kill him! (another form)
  • Morir es vivir. – To die is to live.
  • ¿Qué carajo estás haciendo aquí? ¡Lárgate cabrón! – What the funk are you doing here? Get the funk outta here, cabrón
  • ¡No deje que se escape! – Don’t let him escape!
  • ¡A por él! – After him!
  • ¡Te jodiste! – You’re screwed!
  • ¿No estás soñando? – Are you sure you’re not dreaming?
  • Es hora de rezar – Now is the time to pray
  • ¡Tenemos que irnos! – We need to get outta here!
  • ¡Puedes correr, pero no puedes esconederte! – You can run but you cant hide!
  • ¡Imbécil, quiero matar! – Imbecile, I want to kill you


  • Los Illuminados – “The Illuminated Ones
  • Los Ganados – While this does directly translate as “livestock” or cattle, it can also be used to refer to a group of people, like a mob.
  • Las Plagas – The Plagues
  • La campana – the bell
  • Cerebros – braaaaains

Resident Evil 4 PS2Updated (11/12/2005) – Thanks to Dudeman, RE4Fan, Marcos, SpikeRevell, Darkzeta, and Angelo for the latest request and additions. I know that with the recent release of RE4 on the PS2 that we’ve had a new influx of people searching for translations. Hopefully all these will make the enjoyment of this most excellent game. Let me know if there’s more! Keep ’em coming!

Updated (8/29/2005) – Thanks to Marionette, Mark, Kasage, David for reminding me of some of the phrases I’ve missed. Keep ’em coming!


  1. Ganado means farmer, that’s what the people in the village are.

    Garra (i think thats how it’s spelled) means claw, so Garrador is like a Clawer….yeah.

  2. un forastero !! (a stranger) rapido que no escape !! (hurry up dont let he escape)
    agarrenlo!! (take him
    morir es vivir (to die is to live
    puedes correr, pero no puedes escapar(you can run, but you cant escape)
    los ganados (something like the sheeps)
    las plagas (plagues
    detras de ti, imbcil (behind you asshole)
    te voy a matar (im gonna kill you
    te coj (i trap you ? cojedlo (grab him , agarrenlo (grab him?
    muere , muere ,muere , muere (die, die, die ,die
    los mercenarios

    me talk spanish, but dont understand english very well

    i hope i can help a little more !!

  3. what do the gothic ilumminodos say my sis thinks it’s “money as it is” and my dad thins it’s ” 40 days of kids”

  4. makkabeusdans says:

    Ok, Ive just played the game.
    Ill take the word bc Im a native Spanish speaker and Ive studied English ever since I can remember… (and I also am a Linguistic and Japanese major XDD. I dont mean to be boastful, its only so that you dont ask anymore)
    The list should go as follows:

    -Cabrn: Depending on the spanish-speaking country it could mean many things, but supposing its based on Spanish from Spain, it means motherfucker.
    -Jefe! – Boss!
    -Voy a romperte en pedazos! – Its common in spanish, literally it is ‘Im going to break you into pieces’.
    Mierda – Shit
    -All est! – There he is!
    -Un forastero! – A foreigner!
    -Te voy a matar! – Im going to kill you!
    -Te voy a hacer picadillo! – Again, its a common phrase in spanish, literally it means ‘Ill shred you to bits’
    Detrs de t, imbcil! – Right behind you, idiot! (imbecile is not as used in English as it is in Spanish… idiot works better).
    Cogedlo! – Grab him! (In most Spanish-speaking countries, it is ‘cjanlo’, but the declinations of verbs in Spanish from Spain are different. It is a volitive form of the verb, which means you command someone to do something. Also, the verb ‘cojer’ is not a common word to say in countries other than Spain, because it has a sexual connotation (to fuck, or literally ‘to take’)).
    -Agrrenlo! – Grab him! (It is AgrreNlo, with an N. It means the same as cogedlo. It is more common though.)
    -Muere, Muere, Muere – Die, die, die (It is Muere, without N.)
    -Mtalo! – Kill him! (It is a command to only one person).
    -Mtenlo! – Kill him! (It is a command to two or more people. In Spanish, second person singular and plural are different. In English, it is both ‘YOU’. In Spanish, when one refers to a single person it is ‘tu’. When one refers to two or more people, it’s ‘ustedes’ or ‘vosotros’ in Spanish from Spain. Therefore the declinations of the verb ‘matar’, to kill, differ whether we refer to a single person or many people).
    Morir es vivir. – To die is to live (One funny thing in the game is that the accentual pattern is wrong. In the game the dudes say ‘Mori res vi’vir. The actual accentual pattern is Mo’rir es vi’vir. So it’s even difficult for a native speaker to get it at first).
    -Qu carajo ests haciendo aqu? Lrgate cabrn! – What the hell are you doing here? Get the fuck outta here, you motherfucker!
    No dejen(with an N) que se escape! – Dont let him escape!
    A por l! – After him! (This phrase denotes it is Spanish from Spain, bc no other Spanish-speaking country uses it)
    Te jodiste! – Youre screwed!
    No ests soando? – Are you sure youre not dreaming?
    Es hora de rezar – Its time to pray
    Tenemos que irnos! – Literally: We have to go!
    Puedes correr, pero no puedes esconederte! – You can run, but you can’t hide!
    Imbcil, quiero matar! – Idiot, I want to kill (he says he wants to kill, he doesn’t say whom he wants to kill).
    rpido que no escape! – Quick! Don’t let him escape!


    Los Illuminados – Literally: The Enlightened Ones. It means theyre covered in light, like they are a few and chosen.
    Los Ganados – it is the plural form of the cattle. It means there are many cattles.
    Las Plagas – The Plagues
    La campana – the bell
    Cerebros – brains
    El Gigante – The Giant

    I think the Spanish in the game is actually very good, considering and assuming the developers are English speakers, and it’s a fact that they suck at Spanish. (I remember many cases of pop stars trying very hard… those were awful attempts… and oh, many many English students Ive tried to teach it to. They simply can’t). The pronunciation of words is good, it shows that it was done by a native speaker, however, I think the editing process affected the accentual patterns of the sentences and the phrases which can make it difficult to understand at times. In Spanish, accentual patterns are crucial bc depending on when you put a stress in the word, they can mean different things (i.e ‘Bote and bo’te (the first means ‘boat’, the other means ‘I threw’)).
    Now, there are issues regarding context, because many of the verb forms are not typical from the Spanish from Spain. (And to be truly sincere, I’m glad they did, because Spanish people speak a dialect that only they can understand (This is also an advice for people who want to learn Spanish, never try to learn Spanish from Spain, because no one outside Spain will understand. Not only because of the words but also because of the way they speak. They lisp way too much (In the game, no one lisps by the way, they speak like Mexicans). Go for Spanish from Mexico if you want to learn, it’s much more clear and somehow the ‘standard’ Spanish… I’m not from Mexico by the way, I’m Chilean. Don’t go for Spanish from Chile either, we have too much slang and we speak too fast XDD).

  5. methuselah says:

    hey, makkabeusdans.

    i appreciate your comment/post.
    it’s lengthy..but very informative.

    you are right about english speakers having hard time learning or pronouncing the words. However, I think even if a person is not a native Spanish speaker, he or she can learn fast and get the pronunciations correct of they speak a language other than english.

    Take me for example. I started out learning English. But then I picked up tagalog at the same time, but refined my skill in tagalog later on. Now I’m fluent in both english and tagalog. Currently I am a student of Japanese and Spanish 🙂

    So yeah, I found your post very helpful! Thanks!

  6. i am the banana king says:

    ive heard some strange lines like, “i need a gun” “no get STDS” and “A giant soda” from zealots and “don’t let him get the coffee” from the soldiers i dont think they actually say it but there is this and more that i cant find close sounding lines in any translator for re4

  7. sachin Sharma says:

    Wow u got a it all right except with mierda why did you put shnizzle?

  8. Wow, the comments keep pouring in. Let me respond to a few of them:

    @Carmen – glad you made it back to the site. I am also super excited about RE5. I should have some stuff up about that game soon.

    @leo – Thanks for the translations!

    @vdonbon – I’m not sure what part of the game you’re referring to. Could you elaborate?

    @makkabeusdans – Thanks for the clarifications. I am Mexican but I learned my Spanish living in Spain for 2 years. So I got the best of both worlds 🙂

    @i am the banana king (great handle, BTW) – I don’t recognize any phrases like the ones you mentioned. It’s hard to alliterate what the ganados are saying.

    @sachin Sharma – I used “shnizzle” because I try to keep this blog PG, so I try to avoid swearing as much as I can.

  9. This is great! On one hand, it takes away from the scariness because part of it for me was not knowing what they were saying. On the other hand it adds to it because it’s just CREEPY. Especially the Los Illuminados. I find ‘No ests soando?’ especially creepy since the game gives me nightmares xD I love it despite (or maybe in spite of it). I love other scary games, too, though like Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Haunting Ground, Clock Tower, etc. for the same reasons though.

    Anyway, enough rambling. Great guide, thank for it and for the updates ^^.

  10. When you fight the first El Gigante, the Ganados that are pulling it say, “vaminos, vaminos” which is hurrry, hurry!

  11. Garrador with eyes says:

    Novistadors- dont men anything its a name
    Del lago=Of the lake
    El Gigante=The giant

    the zealots mumble. Morir est vivir=to die is to live
    Muero Muero Muero= i die i die i die
    Matlo=Kill him

    Sry but i cant make out anything the Soliders are saying it sounds more like grownling 🙂


    When your in a country that talks a lot of spain, you should say that very often.

    Funny shet.

  13. Wow this is a very interesting article/thread! I’m a harcore RE4 fan, and I love how they speak a different language! It makes the game so much more fun! There’s one phrase I always hear though, you probably already covered it, but it’s one I always hear. Its like “Du Pedo, Pedo!” (When you get spotted by a Ganado, he looks at you and screams this and points at you). I don’t know haha sorry, but nice article anyway!

  14. Oh never mind, I figured out what he said. He said “Un forastero!” I think that means foreigner or something.

  15. Von Krunkovich says:

    why’d you censor it?

  16. @Alice – glad I could help!

    @Garrador – thanks for the translations. Good to know I’m not the only one who likes doing this.

    @Typewriting Freak – That made me laugh to read what you were hearing, because “pedo” translates to “fart”. That would have been awesome if it was in the game. Glad you figured out what you were hearing.

    @Von Krunkovich – I censored it because I’m trying to keep this blog at a PG-rating.

  17. the bald guy at the gate says somting like “dammit they got away” or “what do we do now!”

    that just my guess but i think it fits

  18. Los Ganados says:

    Detrs de t, imbcil!

  19. i have a few word
    collaco or collaho
    monespida monespida monedpida

  20. I heard something like “te esta rezar” in the village after the place whith the first chainsaw guy and the dead police officer and I don’t know wat it means but I think it is something with pray in it. please tell me.

    I I



  22. Wow, I cant believe this page is still alive. I was just checking it out for the lulz and it seems people are still checking the translations.

    Im exited about RE5 too, to bad it takes place in Africa since I wont be able to help with the translations (Unless they speak spanish there XD).

    See you around guys!

  23. to ILoveRE4, it’s “ponte a rezar”: start praying
    LOL =P

  24. to josh (well, even though it’s been a long time I played it) that’s “carajo”(really used in Per-I was born and live there =P)=> it’s like “F*ck!!!”, then the other “bastardo!” => “you, bastard!”, and I think with the other you mean “morir es vivir, morir es vivir” => “to die is to live, to die is to live”

    hope this helped ya 😉

  25. to Garrador and Tony- it’s “Muere, muere, muere” as in the imperative way while “Muero, muero, muero” would be “I die, I die, I die” LOL 😀 =P

  26. LMAO!!! @ Typewriter freak and Tony hahahahahahaha that made me crack up so much *thumbs up* 😀

  27. to makkabeusdans

    muy buena explicacin (very good explanation) or you could also learn Spanish from Peru hehehe I agree about not learning Spanish proper from Spain, they lisp way too much and swear a lot too :S LOL

  28. Um to ‘The Salesman’ near the beggining of the forum..
    The zomies on the Resident evil movies don’t eat dead human flesh. They never ate eachother. HOWEVER the zombie birds (crows) ate the zombies because crows are a scavenger bird, and eat dead corpses + flesh.

    I have a question on a cutscene though.. You know how Leon goes into the house in the very beggining of the game? What does the man say to Leon in Spannish when Leon shows him the photo? And then Leon goes ‘Sorry to have bothered you’.


  29. @Darkzeta – Glad you came back. I’m also super excited about RE5. There’s a demo coming out later this week on the Xbox 360. Should be awesome.

    @Lyndz – good to see you around, too!

    To everyone who’s been keeping track of this page but not neccessarily reading the rest of the site, you should be aware that we’re having a contest for free t-shirts from Split Reason.

    You can check out the contest here (it’s been extended until December 10th):

  30. Damn, I wont be able to play the demo since I just sold my 360. Im travelling to teh states in a few days and I needed the cash to buy some stuff iver there.

    Wekk, I guess I can always crash at my friens place and play there.. Actually I think I’ll do just that hehehe 😀

  31. Damn, I wont be able to play the demo since I just sold my 360. Im traveling to the states in a few days and I needed the cash to buy some stuff over there.

    Well, I guess I can always crash at my friends place and play there.. Actually I think I’ll do just that hehehe 😀

  32. 111122223138 says:

    i love the one…but you censored it…
    Imbcil, quiero matar! – Imbecile, I want to kill you
    it says….
    asshole, i kill you!

  33. I think you missed “usar los mosculos!”. Ganados say it in that cutscene where you first see an El Gigante. You might have missed it, or just figured it was obvious. I dunno.

  34. You are so far off on alot of those. cabrone means big, or built… and how does two things mean Get Him???

  35. @Wesker – I completely forgot about that one! That was one of my favorites. I’ll add that next time I edit this post

    @Frankie – I’m not sure you know what your talking about. Cabron is translated just fine and there is more than one verb in Spanish that can translate to “get him”. Both of those translations are correct, as well.

  36. I have been laughing to tears for the past 10 minutes over some of these comments. Now that I got my eyes open…let me tell you that “Don’t let him get the coffee!” and “Get him with the assblaster!” are two of my favorites.

    I have played the game on pro 54 times and thought I’d seen every weapon…maces, crossbows, axes, sicles, flaming torches…but none of the ganadoes soldiers, or cultists have ever produced an assblaster.

    On the other hand…if it’s a weapon that Leon is supposed to use…I have the hand cannon, the typewriter, the laser, and everything else…how do I go about unlocking the ass blaster, and will it work on Mendez? Verduga? Salazar?

    And apparently they’re successful at keeping Leon from the coffee, because you have the opportunity to pick up herbs and eggs and stuff…but you never get offered even one stinking cup of coffee.

    PS I Love this game…and all your comments…

  37. Hi all!!
    Im from spain, (my english sucks) los ganados of the castle says:
    Morir es vivir
    Cogedlo, cogedlo, cogedlo,
    Ya es hora de aplastar
    Siii, quiero matar (yeeeeeees I want to kill you)
    On the village:
    BASTARDO HIJO DE PUTA!—> bastard mother fucker!
    Avisad a los dems!Warn the others!
    Te cog! I caught you!
    Nuestro jefe se ocupar de l : Our boss will deal with it
    El gigante (the giant)
    Regenerador (regenerator)
    Garrador (the clawman??)
    El verdugo (the Hangman)
    Novistador (no-eye or “invisible”)

    Note: The spanish on the game sucks, please dont learn spanish from this game, It stinks more than my English 😉
    It isnt spanish, its mexican.

  38. does el gigiganta mean the giant

  39. yeas it means the giant retard look at the comment above you

  40. @Heron – It is funny to hear what people thought they heard.

    Playing it 54 times is most impressive. Thanks for stopping by.

    @Poliko – thanks for the translations.

    @leon – You’ve got one too many “gi” in there, but yes.

  41. jeremiah says:

    I dont know if some one said it but it the castle guys sound like there saying naughty std’s naughty std’s

  42. ILoveRE4 says:

    the translations has helped me alot 🙂 thanks everyone and i just want to say that the 2 best commenst in the game is “Wheres everyone going?Bingo?” and “I just have one very important question. You got a smoke?” those are the best ^^

  43. @jeremiah – Not sure which phrase that is, but do you remember what part of the game that was in?

    @ILoveRE4 – glad we could help!

  44. There are some off the top of my head that aren’t in either list, but be warned; I can’t speak spanish and I can’t spell spanish, so this may be difficult.

    The first is towards the beginning of the game after you free the dog from the trap. Eventually, you cross a short, narrow bridge. As you cross, some Ganados on a high cliff ahead of you say a bunch of stuff, then vanish (you can’t shoot them). What is it they are saying?

    The second thing not included is said by a Ganado every time this cutscene happens (and other times, but this is the one I remember). It’s when you are about to cross the draw bridge and enter the castle and a cutscene showing an incredibly large group of Ganados coming after you. One of them says something that ends in a word that sounds like “shoppel”? Von haste en ven shoppel or something. It’s the best I can do, but it’s probably horribly wrong. Play the game to that part and you’ll hear it.

    A suggestion to make this translation page better would be to make audio clips from the game and put them on the site with the translation underneath it so as to make it easier to attach the translation to the content while playing through the game. 🙂

  45. Critical Acclaim says:

    Hey you forgot what the cult member with the goat skull head says


    It means

    “there he is, KILL HIM!”

  46. at some point salazars servants say “mami desole” and in french of means sorry mother. And its a religious Quote, so yeah…

  47. The Big cheese says:

    There is one part of the game where there is a giant man covered in metal… and he screams: “Muvete” I think, (I’m not sure cause is sounds muffled), which means: “Move it!”


  49. All of these translations are very interesting, and helpful as well….. I don’t play this game that much, but when I do, I love it! It’s a great game; possibly the best of the entire series(I have the PC version BTW)I think. But, there’s one thing that NO ONE here has mentioned, and that’s who exactly is the merchant, and where did he come from? I have a theory about that: Remember when you pick up the note from Saddler about Salazar and Chief Bittores being killed?(ha ha, that’s what you 2 get, you turds!)Well, he states that it will be hard to replace them, as the Plagas reflect the conscience of their hosts….I believe that he learned this from trial and error in creating his minions, and that the merchant is one of those errors…. If anyone out there knows for sure, do tell! Funny-ass shit BTW with all the rest of the comments on this page! I feel that Spanish should be learned from whoever will teach you, that way nothing will be missed, and so that different dialects can be learned….You never know who is talking shit about you in another language unless you learn how to speak it! A lot of people will do it just because they think you can’t understand them. It REALLY gets to them when you hear them talking shit, and you say something to them in their language, like asking them where such-and-such place is, or what time is it, or “I heard that!” They almost immediately shut up until after you have left. It’s great! Keep the game translations coming! Good stuff!

  50. Mountain Goat says:

    Okay there is one I really want to know but it does not seem to be up there. And to be honest I do not want to read all the comments about it. What does (this is how I would spell it, and the bald Ganado says it.)

    “De dawn da dee pesse.” (rhymes with Jesse lol.)

    Could you please tell me what that means!!

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