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Amazon’s Deal of the Day (2/23) Makes Brock Happy

Persona 4 for $26.

Oh, wait. He already has a copy. Don’t watch too much TV.


Weekend Gaming

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. We’ve got a beautiful weekend facing us. What are you going to be playing?

Me, I’ll be getting more time with the GTA IV expansion, The Lost and Damned. Right now, I’m not sold on it. More on that later. I finally got to play some Left 4 Dead with real people (peterb and psu from Tea Leaves) and it was awesome I need to get more of that good stuff. I also finally updated Burnout Paradise and now I want to play it non-stop. A lot of good gaming.

I’m also considering picking up a new DS game, namely the new Fire Emblem game. I may hold off on that one.

And of course Nat has been bombarding us with these Flash games and I’ve found a couple other PC games I’ve been toying around with. Should be a great weekend.

It’s Sonny Outside

Zombies? Check. Turn-based RPG style of play (think Final Fantasy)? Check. FREE? Check. Achievements? Check.

Say hello to the zombie, Sonny. Namely, you!

In an interesting twist, you play as a hero–a zombie hero. With over 5 million plays (I’ve added a few today), it should be obvious that it is a sure-fire winner.


I don’t know why I’ve been on a Flash game kick lately. Maybe it’s because I’m sick and tired of paying premium dollars for dreck.

The Space Game

I’ve been lost in this almost all evening. It’s an instant must-play.


Yes, it’s like a dumbed down cross between GalCiv II and Sins of a Solar Empire. Yes, it was done in Flash. Yes, it’s a great diversion.

Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars on Thursday

This actually came out earlier in the week, but the pricing wasn’t mentioned. Basically all the cars are $2 save for one. Can you guess which?


Yeah, the 88 Special will set you back $4. However, if you buy all four as a set for $8 you save $2 making the car priced like all the others. The incentive is to buy all four.

Uh, I was going to anyway.