Hold Onto Your Wallets!

Look out, everyone.

It looks like Steam is rolling out the sales over the next five days and every day will have a new batch of sales.

Just when I thought I’d finished spending money this year!


  1. I remember saying to you just the other day, that I was holding out on some Steam purchases.

    I want Dragon Age: Origins, but with so many other games I’m playing now, even at 25% I think I’m still going to wait.

    GRiD at $7 sounds tempting, but I’d rather have that on the console (I do.)

    I look forward to the other days. People are gonna be ticked if L4D2 is one of the titles.

  2. L4D GOTY is only $7.50 today. Holy shnooglies!

    Now I can finally play the fourth campaign!

  3. Why oh why did I click? So tempting. I think I’ll pick up the special edition of Monkey Island.

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