Give Up

Just go ahead and give up.

(I got to Floor 31 after 1086 deaths)

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This Game You Should Play: Canabalt

You ran 8953m before hitting a wall and tumbling to your death.

Canabalt is what Mirror’s Edge should have been–freestyle running that’s fun. It’s comparing apples and oranges, but there’s one other thing about the two games that must be mentioned. Mirror’s Edge uses a myriad of control schemes utilizing bumpers, triggers, and even a little bit of motion control. Finger-fu that leads to finger-flu. Canabalt uses one key.

Yes, it’s that simple. In the game you control a runner who is escaping from…well, something. Judging by the backgrounds it’s an alien invasion. However, the word control doesn’t describe it properly. Basically you tell him when to jump. The main character automatically runs the map, and his jumps are a few careful button presses that propel him from building to building, through glass windows, and over other obstacles.

Jump to retry your daring escape.

Not all obstacles are bad. Hitting some of them will slow the runner down. This can be a good thing because he progressively runs faster. (His stamina is amazing!). Play the game at a frantic pace or time the jumps by using the environment to control his actions. It’s a brilliant play scheme–one that involves only thought.

However, the difficulty is ramped up because the play area is randomly generated. It’s a new experience every time. Easy to learn, but a lifetime to master.

Surprisingly, the simplistic graphics make the experience enjoyable. It’s gray, white, and shades of gray. The smooth animations of the runner and the birds make it a pleasure to watch. Seeing the runner’s arms flail in the air never gets old. There’s also some nice narrative touches going on in the background.

For maximum awesome, headphones recommended.

The sound may be the best thing the game has to offer. From a great soundtrack to the beats of the runner’s footsteps on different material, it offers an immersion that one might overlook. Even the flapping of the bird wings is detailed.

Canabalt is available for FREE online as a flash game and in the App Store for $3. The iPod Touch version doesn’t have any buttons. Just tap.

Developer Semi Secret Software created this gem in five days for the Experimental Gameplay Project. This is an experiment that succeeded.

The game measures your progress by the distance ran. Give us your free-running record in the comments and become a legend.

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One flash game at a time…

An NBA game usually lasts two and a half hours. I spent the majority of the Cavs vs. the Suns playing this little flash game. Physics and sports, my favorite combination.

Coign of Vantage

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I came across intriguing flash game while catching up on some blog reading. Coign of Vantage is simplistic in its presentation and professional in its style of play.

You basically rotate a set of pixels in a 3D space using your mouse until they line up to make the picture in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

The game plays like a sane version of a Warioware gameófast paced, but soothing. (Itís a game that politely whispers that it should be a WiiWare or DSi title.)

The thing that impresses me the most is that it is only played with two clicks. Two puzzles are cleverly disguised as a calibration for the mouse range. Itís a perfect example of using the game to train a person to play it while also adapting and configuring itself to the playerís system.

It hovers near the territory of Flower. It may not be as expansive, but it comes close to its design philosophy.

Source: Man Bytes Blog

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… one flash game at a time. This time it’s Scriball.

See you in a few hours.